5 Monroe Police Officers File Harassment Complaint Against City Councilwoman, Threatening Lawsuit

MONROE, N.C. — 5 Monroe Police officers have filed a harassment complaint against a city councilwoman and mayoral candidate.

The officers claim that Councilwoman Angelia James, whose running for mayor, harassed, and even assaulted two of them during an encounter at a Monroe hotel last month.  The officers responded to a disturbance complaint at the Fairfield Inn and Suites on Williams Road on September 9th.

According to the officers, while at the hotel, James created a disturbance by accusing some African American males at the hotel of being felons, and also for threatening the jobs of the officers who showed up to investigate.  Police body cam video captured the incident at the hotel.  It shows James attempting to remove a badge from a Monroe Police Captain.

A judge approved the release of the body cam video.  It recorded hours of footage of James at the hotel, at her home, and later at a hospital when James when to be checked out by doctors.  She was not arrested.

James was censured by her fellow councilmembers.  She apologized and said she was under a lot of stress.  The attorneys for the officers are asking the city to open a formal investigation into the incident or face legal action.


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