BFGoodrich Tires Launches Sweepstakes To Help People And Pets Enjoy The Great Outdoors Together

GREENVILLE, S.C. — BFGoodrich Tires is launching a trails and tails sweepstakes designed to encourage people everywhere to explore the great outdoors with their pets.

Representatives with the tire brand say pets loved having their humans home during the pandemic, and humans in turn, reaped the benefits of unconditional love during a challenging and unprecedented time.

In order to keep these bonds strong, BFGoodrich Tires is hoping to help consumers spend more time with their pets.

As of October 7th, BFGoodrich is inviting people to share photos of their outdoor adventures with their pets using the the hashtags #BFGTrailsandTails and #Sweepstakes and by tagging @BFGoodrichTires on social media.

Officials say every qualifying photo will be entered for a chance to win a set of BFGoodrich Trail-Terrain tires and a year-long America the Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands pass to more than 2,000 sites.

“BFGoodrich tires are designed and built for adventurers by adventurers. Our products’ performance embodies that mission, and our brand continues to convey why the spirit of adventure is so important,” said Stephen Peters, BFGoodrich brand director. “Our pets were constant companions over the past year and a half; and BFGoodrich wants to encourage more time together exploring the great outdoors while celebrating the special bond between people and pets.”

BFGoodrich representatives have collected the following tips from seasoned pet-loving adventurers to help safety enable fun and adventure along the trails:

  • Know your pet’s limits: No one knows your pet better than you, but if you’re unsure of what activities are safe for your pets (especially if you have a young or elderly pet), consult a veterinarian before venturing out.
  • Pack accordingly: Your checklist will vary depending on your plans, but the basics should include:
    • Waste bags, collar with ID tags, sturdy 6-foot leash.
    • Water supply, portable water bowl, pet food and snacks.
    • Pet first-aid kit and pet-safe insect repellent.
    • LED collar if you’ll be outdoors overnight.
    • A pet backpack to help share the load.
  •  Don’t skimp on the water: It’s important to keep your pet hydrated to prevent overheating, but don’t allow them to drink from streams or lakes, which can contain dangerous waterborne pathogens.
  • Be aware of wildlife: Placing bear bells on your pet can alert wildlife of your presence and help avoid an unpleasant encounter. During hunting season, put a reflective vest on your pet for safety.
  • Play by the rules: Respect others and the environment by adhering to local guidelines, like leash laws and posted signs indicating where pets are and are not allowed.

For more information on the sweepstakes and other rules click here.

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