CMS Holds Briefing Over How It Plans To Address Sexual Misconduct Allegations | VIDEO

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Superintendent Earnest Winston held a news briefing Friday morning over how CMS plans to handle allegations of sexual misconduct in the future including hiring more Title IX office staff.

“My goal is to create a greater level of consistency in how we handle reports of sexual misconduct,” said Winston.

Superintendent Winston says with CMS hiring more staff members in its Title IX office, he hopes this will take the responsibility of investigations out of the hands of school level staff members.

“I hear you. We are committed to the well being and safety of all of our students,” said Winston.

CMS is also launching a student-driven Title IX Taskforce, and officials say these students will send recommendations on how to better improve processes to provide better support for students.

Superintendent Winston says “We are committed to the well being and safety of all of our students and staff in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. And we have an obligation and that’s why we are here today to announcing we are going to increase the amount of staff in our Title IX office to help provide additional support for our students. I hear our families and I hear our students, and I want students to continue to speak up about issues that they are passionate about. We are passionate about those issues as well.”

“It’s unacceptable and it cannot continue to happen,” said Attorney Laura Dunn.

Dunn represents several current and former students who have reported being raped or sexually assaulted at Myers Park high school and Hawthorne academy.

“It’s important for you to take a stand right now. Demand better leadership for your school, demand more training,” said Dunn.

Dunn says major changes are need to address what she calls a failure of the school system to protect it’s students.

“I’m not very impressed by the information shared. I think it’s small baby steps not true meaningful compliance,” Dunn explained.


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