Danquirs Franklin’s Cousin Shares An Exclusive Look At A Family Coping With Loss And Disappointment

CHARLOTTE, NC. —  A tragedy that happened nearly three years ago continues to haunt the family of Danquirs Franklin, says his cousin Kinard Barnett.

“Anytime you have to relive those moments, it’s hard for the family,” Barnett says.

A federal judge threw out the wrongful death lawsuit filed by Franklin’s family last week. CMPD Officer Wendy Kerl shot and killed the father of three outside a Burger King off Beatties Ford Road on March 25th,  2019. The shooting prompted heated protests and community conversations with former CMPD Chief Kerr Putney about the department’s use of force policy and how officers are trained in de-escalation. Franklin’s mom sued the city and Officer Kerl, claiming she used excessive force and violated the constitution. In the ruling, the judge wrote that kerl probably made mistakes the day of the shooting but that they were reasonable. Barnett says the family is still processing kerl’s actions and how much of it is reasonable.

“How it’s reasonable for the judge’s ruling while we see what’s on video what the judge stated.”

District Attorney Spencer Merriweather’s office did not charge Kerl, and CMPD did not discipline the officer.  In a unanimous vote last year, the Citizens Review Board said Chief Putney erred in his determination that the shooting was justified. Barnett says true justice would be Danquirs still being alive.

“For it to come up during Thanksgiving, really just trying to be there for the family. Have this time and really encourage us all to value the time we have with each other.”

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