Edge On The Clock: 12 Years Since Colorado Balloon Boy Hoax

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Friday marks the 12th anniversary of the wild Colorado balloon boy story. On this day in 2009, a couple in Fort Collins claimed their six-year-old son floated away in a homemade UFO-shaped balloon. TV networks quickly followed the story, and millions of people across the country believed the boy was truly stuck inside the flying saucer. Turns out it was all a hoax, and the boy was later found in the family’s attic.

Plus, an update to a story we brought to you on the edge in August. 11-year-old Allan Baltz has been crowned the winner of the National Kids Mullet Championship.

And, a new Halloween-themed sausage from a Wisconsin meat market is getting a lot of attention. The “Spooktoberfest Brat” has three ingredients: pork, beer and candy corn.

Click “play” on the video above to see more about these Edge On The Clock stories!

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