“Fire Matt Rhule” Trends On Twitter After Another Panthers Loss

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The pressure is on for Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule after the team suffers another disappointing loss on their own turf. Sunday’s loss to the Atlanta Falcons means the Cats have lost their last 5 home games. The Cats kept thing interesting, but ended up falling to the Falcons with a score of 29 to 21.

Sunday also marked the first game since Rhule fired offensive coordinator Joe Brady. Some fans are now wondering if Rhule is holding the team back.

“Fire Matt Rhule” was even trending on Twitter Sunday night, as some users said the Panthers would be better off with a different coach. One user wrote, “All I want for Christmas is Matt Rhule out of Carolina.” Another says: “We are bottom of our division, and have regressed with a better roster. Fire Matt Rhule!” And, “It’s on David Tepper now. No way you can continue to send Matt Rhule out there.”

Our question of the night: should Matt Rhule be fired as head coach of the Carolina Panthers?

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