Food Truck Rumble CLT: Grumpy Grandpa MX vs Taco Bout Nachos

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Taco Tuesday is everyday for these two food trucks.  Will Grumpy Grandpa’s authentic Mexico City style bites beat Taco Bout Nachos innovative twist on a BLT in the Taco Takedown?  Find out whose dish is worthy of the coveted Golden Spork on an all new Food Truck Rumble CLT.

What they served:

  • Grumpy Grandpa served up 3 tacos:  A steak taco fajita style, a beef birria marinated with 4 *home grown* peppers, and an al pastor taco.
  • Taco Bout Nachos served 2 tacos:  Their loaded beef taco consisting of seasoned beef with lettuce, cheese, tomato, onions, jalapeño, and sour cream inside a crispy, cotija cheese coated shell.  And also a BLT taco featuring bacon, lettuce, tomato and their spicy mayo made in house.

Meet the Competitors:

Grumpy Grandpa:  Grumpy Grandpa’s not-so-grumpy owner, Noah Hernandez, hails from Mexico City and has worked in the restaurant industry for 20 years.  Noah decided to step into the food truck industry to bring Charlotte the type of food he enjoyed in Mexico City.  He serves up the ‘real deal,’ aiming to give his customers a true taste of Mexican food.  Why the name “Grumpy Grandpa?”  Well, he just wanted to catch some attention.

Taco Bout Nachos:  From his beginnings as a dishwasher, Taco Bout Nachos owner Chris Wright has worked in the food industry for over 19 years.  Conquering many roles in the kitchen, he worked hard to master the basics and grew from bussing tables to cooking the main dishes.  An accident in the kitchen followed by COVID-19 inspired Chris to finally fulfill his dream of owning his own business to support himself and his son.  It’s been a roller-coaster ride of emotions and required much mental and physical strength but as Chris says “when trying to accomplish your dreams, you can’t just stop when you grow weary.  Take a break, catch your breath, look at the picture and finish painting it.”

Meet the Judges:

Dani Canada@thecharlitty
Dani Canada aka “The Charlitty” lit up the Charlotte foodie scene when she began her food blog in 2019! When Dani moved to C-L-T a decade ago businesses were popping up left and right. An explorer at heart and a lover of small business, she tried as many new shops and restaurants as she could and soon friends were seeking her recommendations. Her blog, “The Charlitty,” was born and her love for local biz found its platform. She recently launched an online craft blog that has created a space where people can support multiple small businesses in one spot.

Manny Carandang@clt.remedy
If you’ve got foodie fever, the only prescription is ‘Charlotte Remedy.’ Pharmacist Manny Carandang is one half of the popular Charlotte instagram, ‘Charlotte Remedy.’ He and his sister, Kriska are both food-loving pharmacists who enjoy time away from their demanding jobs exploring the Queen City one bite at a time. How Manny describes his days off? “Eat, drink, sleep, repeat.” He’s an adventurous eater who will try anything once. An avid cocktail fan, he’s been honing his at-home bartender skills during the pandemic.

Chrissie Nelson
Take a walk “Off the Eaten Path” with Chrissie Nelson Rotko! Chrissie is the writer and photographer behind the popular food and travel blog, ‘Off the Eaten Path.’ She launched the site in 2013 as a way to combine her love of food and writing. Her work has been recognized by publications including Zagat and Charlotte Magazine. She recently published her first cookbook, “Stunning Spreads: Easy Entertaining with Cheese, Charcuterie Fondue & Other Shared Fare.” When she’s not blogging, she’s busy teaching social media classes and working full-time as an Assistant Public Defender.

*SPOILER ALERT* Scroll past the gallery for the winner…

…And the winner is:

Grumpy Grandpa!

Watch: Grumpy Grandpa is never too grumpy for a little brunch on Rising. Owner Noah Hernandez joins the crew to share his Golden Spork winning tacos.

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