Fort Mill Man Makes Signs In Hope Of Kidney Donation

FORT MILL, SC. — An avid traveler, adventurer, and general lover of life. It’s how Nick Koulpasis would describe himself. For years, the Fort Mill resident secretly dealt with swelling, discomfort, and low energy. After many attempts to figure out a cause, his doctor gave him an answer.

“So finally what he determined was that I had some kind of virus that passed through my system, unidentified, and then did the damage to my kidneys and then left,” Koulpasis says.

He started dialysis in 2019 and was put on the transplant list. According to Sharing Hope South Carolina, more than 1100 people in the Palmetto state are on the transplant list. In North Carolina, the State Department of Administration says there are nearly 3500 people waiting for a life-saving transplant.

“I decided to just circumvent and go directly for somebody that might see my sign and offer something up.”

Koulpasis started putting up signs in May strategically around hospitals. They say, “I need a kidney. Please call 803-579-7267”.

“I would say that the ratio between serious offers are about two in 50. So every 50 calls you get or inquiries probably too well offered to go get tested.”

His message to anyone considering donating:

Try it if you’re serious; I would appreciate the help. If you want to go through that process, and thank you in advance even if you don’t match.”

If you are interested, you can reach Nick by phone or text at 803-579-7267.

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