Gun Found On Campus At Myers Park High School

Gun and ammunition found on campus at Myer Park High School; Parents are ‘deeply concerned’

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — On September 16th, a Myers Park High School student  was accused of having a gun on the school bus and on campus. 

Not only did the student have the gun, but ammunition as well. 

School officials sent a letter home to parents saying enhanced security will be present as necessary when students return to campus this morning.

But, not all parents feel safe bringing their kids back to school. 

Kristen Daggett says she never got the letter from the school and finds this news deeply concerning. 

Daggett says, “It makes me scared and nervous. It just makes me not want to bring her to school.” 

The letter sent home encourages parents to have conversations with their kids about the importance of the severe consequences of bringing weapons and other illegal items to school and speaking up when they do know about something going on.  


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