North Carolina Animal Federation Celebrates The First Graduates Of Their New Animal Welfare Professional Certificate – Level 1

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (News Release) — The North Carolina Federation (NCAF) was formed on November 8, 2006, for the purpose of uniting North Carolina animal welfare organizations and their professionals to exchange ideas and information while working collectively to elevate the standard of care and level of knowledge to animal welfare in the state of North Carolina.

Fifteen years later NCAF is celebrating the first five animal welfare staffers to complete their new Animal Welfare Professional Certificate – Level 1. The first type of training offered in North Carolina to earn a certificate of completion. In a world where in-person training has become limited due to COVID-19, this self-paced course is part of NCAF’s Virtual Learning and is able to be completed 100% virtually. The National Animal Welfare Professional – Level 1 Certificate course is 15.5 credit hours and is approved for educational credit for the Association of Animal Welfare Administrators CAWA and the National Animal Control Association.

NCAF has teamed up with The Association of Shelter Veterinarians, FEMA, ASPCA, HSUS and NCAF trainers to create a challenging and informative curriculum that allows those enrolled to advance their knowledge and provide a solid foundation for possible career advancement.

NCAF currently has 49 organizational and 10 individual members across North Carolina. The certificate is just one of many training classes offered by NCAF. Click here for more information.

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