Pageland Mother Missing For Nearly Three Weeks; Family Desperate For Answers

PAGELAND, SC. — You can’t open an app, scroll on social media, or turn on the tv without hearing Gabby Petito’s name. But have you heard this woman’s name: 41-year-old Deidre Reid. She’s a mother of three in Pageland and has been missing since September 3rd.

“I hate that Gabby’s situation was the way it was when they found her. I’m just glad that her family got closure. That’s something that we’ve been searching for, and I hope that we can eventually get,” Deidre’s brother James Reid says.

Deidre Reid’s family says it’s not like her to be gone for so long, and they believe she’s in danger.

“She has been gone too long. She would never leave her kids and not respond,” says Deidre’s sister Monaca.

According to police, she left Pageland that afternoon to take someone to the Greyhound Bus station in Charlotte. James Reid says that someone was the father of her youngest son. Reid tells WCCB police said he is not a person of interest, and police just received surveillance video of the bus station Tuesday. WCCB reached out to SLED and Pageland Police to get a copy of that video and ask how many people have been interviewed. None of WCCB’s requests have been answered as of Wednesday evening.

“We’re just hoping that the world can gravitate around our sister and help us find her. Even if we don’t get the media coverage, we’re just hoping that somebody will see the flyer and know something about Deidre that can give the officers a tip,” James says.

Deidre was driving a 2004 Chevy Tahoe with SC plate FXU 718. The vehicle also has a NY Giants tag on the front of the vehicle, Pageland Police said. Reid was last seen wearing gray sweatpants, a light pink and white shirt, and white Air Force One shoes, with her hair in a ponytail.

Contact the Pageland Police Department at 843.672.6437 or the Crime Tip Line at 843.672.9149 with any information in reference to this case.

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