Prices Have Doubled For Nearly Everything Pasta & Provisions Needs To Run Business

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Prices have doubled for nearly everything Pasta & Provisions needs to run their business, according to their general manager. The restaurant posted an announcement on Instagram Monday that in order to keep up, it’s raising prices and getting rid of some menu items.

“For Italian sausage or pork where we were paying $40 per case, now we’re paying $100 per case,” says General Manager Dylan George.

Senior Economist with Wells Fargo Mark Vitner says the rising costs are due to a myriad of reasons starting with the pandemic. Along with labor shortage, stimulus, and supply chain issues. Vitner says it’s likely many businesses in our area have already raised prices but haven’t said anything.

“Demand has increased much more quickly than supply; that’s what pulled prices up,” says Vitner.

Vitner says unfortunately inflation is here to stay because of how broad-based it is throughout the economy.

“I’m afraid it’s a little more permanent than that; we’re going to be dealing with supply shortages probably all the way through 2022.”

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