Residents Worry Proposed Development In Ballantyne Will Bring Traffic Nightmare

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Traffic, density, clean spaces, green spaces, and overcrowding are just a few of the concerns some neighbors have about a proposed development on roughly 36 acres across the street from Ardrey Kell High School. The site is located along the south side of Ardrey Kell Road, west of Wade Ardrey Road, and east of Marvin Road. According to the rezoning request, the developer wants to put 430 rentals on the property along with an elementary school. We’re told CMS and the developer worked out an arrangement to share this site and another one not far away.

Residents like Mickey Gold are concerned this will create a traffic nightmare.

“You’re going to have four schools within 1.7 miles all coming out onto two-lane roads that are perpendicular to each other. Makes no sense,” Gold says.

The site plan shows four entrances and exits. One goes directly into a neighborhood, which Bill Palanica says could be a safety issue.

“What’s going to happen with that road is you’re going to turn it into a major thoroughfare. First, it’s going to be overflow parking for the apartment complex; then it’s going to be the way in and out to avoid Ardrey Kell Road.”

The proposed development is in Charlotte City Council member Ed Driggs’ district. He told WCCB the proposed density is very high, and the city won’t get too serious talks about the project until they see the traffic study at the staff analysis.

WCCB reached out to the developer, Woodfield Development LLC, for an interview and did not get a response.

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