Rock Hill Considering Temporary Halt On New Home Construction

ROCK HILL, S.C. – A possible six month halt on new home construction is under consideration in Rock Hill.

“Exponential growth from the last five years. It’s booming. It’s fast,” says Rock Hill resident Malcolm Crosby.

Crosby has watched rapid growth from new homes and construction in Rock Hill.

“At the end of the day it’s a good thing. But right now I think it needs to slow down a little. Give people time to adjust,” he says.

City leaders are considering a six month pause on new home construction, for detached and attached homes, passing a first reading on the measure on Monday night.

The goal is to give the city a chance to update codes, giving developers a better idea of what city leaders might be willing to approve.

It also allows the city time to ensure existing infrastructure can handle what’s to come in future years.

“To stop people from coming here, makes no sense to me,” says Rock Hill resident Ken Mains.

Residents like Mains aren’t so sure about the idea.

He says the city would be giving up valuable tax dollars.

“People are just coming from all over the place to live here. Stopping housing would stop that,” Mains says.

The moratorium primarily targets new subdivisions and wouldn’t impact construction in existing neighborhoods.

City Council could also make individual exemptions if brought a sketch plan for their approval.

The public will have a chance to weigh in at a public hearing on December 7th.

The measure would still have to pass a second and third reading before being approved.

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