Rolling Stones Fans Don’t Realize Mick Jagger Is Standing Next To Them At Charlotte’s Thirsty Beaver

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Legendary rock icon Mick Jagger is rocking out at Bank of America Stadium right now with The Rolling Stones. He arrived in the Queen City on Wednesday. And he left his hotel room to venture over to the beloved Thirsty Beaver Saloon in Plaza Midwood. He seemed to be there with no security or big entourage. The 78-year-old rocker lit up social media after he tweeted out this picture at 8:30 Thursday morning with the caption, “Out and about last night in Charlotte.”

The owner of the Thirsty Beaver says there were huge Mick Jagger fans at the bar, who have floor seat tickets to the show, who didn’t even realize he was there. “Little did they know, they were already as close as possible,” says co-owner Brian Wilson. Wilson continues, “Like a lot of things, I missed it. I went home and put my little girl to bed. Came back and nobody had noticed that he was here. I woke up to my text messages going crazy and I guess Mick had put it out there, which was a big honor.”

Michael Graff at Axios Charlotte posted an essay Thursday about the picture of Jagger outside the bar, and he has lots of questions. One of them being: what does the fact that no one recognized Mick Jagger say about the busy-ness of our lives?

Jagger’s Twitter comments are blowing up with fans who are also wondering the same, writing things like:
“Celebrities can walk around the east coast with no problem because nobody believes it’s actually them”
“Turn around! Mick Jagger is behind you!”
“I wonder if they weren’t paying attention and didn’t realize?”

Our question of the night: would you have recognized Mick Jagger?

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