Salisbury Nursing Home Resident May Have Eaten a Mouse, Report Says

SALISBURY, NC. — A substandard quality of care. It’s what an inspection report for Accordius Health of Salisbury is calling a recent complaint at the nursing home on Statesville Blvd. The report says an inspector interviewed the director of nursing in August and they saw one of the nursing home residents that is severely cognitively impaired “…in the hallway with a 2-inch-long, dark colored string hanging from his mouth. She stated before she could stop him, he swallowed it.”

Through other interviews with staff members, the report says the Director of Nursing believed the resident had swallowed a mouse. The report says the facility didn’t didn’t tell a doctor until the next morning and the resident’s family and Poison Control weren’t notified until three days after it happened. The report says another man’s family didn’t find out until August that he had tested positive for Covid in January and had been moved to a quarantine unit.

John Hughes is an attorney with Wallace and Graham in Salisbury. His firm is representing other people who are suing Accordius Health’s parent company. He says one of the concerns of their clients is staffing.

“The families are concerned about, is the industry, the for-profit companies that now run most of our nursing homes, are they spending enough money for the labor, are they paying them enough? Do they have enough registered nurses at the nursing homes?”

WCCB called Accordius Health of Salisbury and was given the number to their corporate office. No answer when we called. WCCB left a voicemail.

 The report says staff will be educated on“…addressing resident safety concerns related to putting unknown objects in their mouth, adequate resident supervision is being maintained, the physician/ responsible parties/ facility administration are being notified to ensure that safety measures and resident supervision are in place.”


Accordius Health of Salisbury has one out of five starts on

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