Students In Custody After 2 Guns Found On Hopewell High Campus In Huntersville Following Fight

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. —  Hopewell High School in Huntersville was placed on lockdown Wednesday after two guns were found on campus following a fight between students.

The lockdown started after a black handgun fell to the ground and was picked up by a student during a fight that broke out in between classes around 12:30 p.m.

School officials say involved students were identified through the in-school camera system.

While detectives began investigating the incident an involved student was taken into custody and a second handgun was found on this suspect.

The Huntersville Police Department and CMPD’s K9 Gun Dog conducted multiple searches of classrooms and hallways, but were unable to locate the first handgun that was seen.

Officials say during school dismissal a student on a bus notified the bus driver that they saw a gun on the bus.

Officers were still on-scene and able to the take the other student into custody.

Officials say the gun found on the bus was the first gun seen during the fight, and at this point it seems this gun has been stolen.

Students are currently in custody for this incident, but names and ages are not available at this time.

Message from Hopewell High School officials:

“Titan families and students,

This is Principal Pickard with an important message about incidents that occurred at our school today. We received information that led to a lockdown and a search by law enforcement for a firearm on campus. During the search, a firearm was found in a student’s book bag. In a separate incident during dismissal, a bus driver observed two students with a firearm, which also was recovered by law enforcement. No threat was made in either incident, and all students and staff were safe, but dismissal was delayed for some of our students. Please speak with your students about the serious consequences of bringing any weapon to school. It is a violation of law and the CMS Code of Student Conduct. Thank you for your support of Hopewell High School. Safety will continue to be our priority.”

Message from Superintendent Earnest Winston:

“To the CMS community,

As a parent, I understand the concerns many families are sharing about news coverage of incidents of misconduct. It is difficult for me to not give in to the parental instinct of providing information to help others gain a better understanding of situations, which many times prove more complex than news reports might lead one to conclude.

As the leader of the district, I am bound by law to not disclose confidential information about such matters as individual student discipline or ongoing police investigations.

We take all allegations of misconduct very seriously, and our staff is trained to follow proper procedures in reporting. District leaders review assertions of Title IX reporting problems and will take appropriate action in the event any review reveals action is necessary.

Earlier this year, I requested the creation of a Title IX task force. That task force has been working together to discuss recommended improvements in how our district handles allegations of misconduct. In a few weeks, I will receive a report from the task force. I will review the report for recommendations to make our schools safer.”

This is a developing story.

Check back for updates.

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