Wilson’s World: Bridging The Digital Divide with MeckTech and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Library

CHARLOTTE, NC — Do you need a laptop? Bridging the digital divide with MeckTech and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Library. Wilson was at the West Boulevard Library today learning more about upcoming laptop distribution events and other library programs in Mecklenburg County.

Last year, MeckTech distributed free laptops to Mecklenburg County adults without a home computer. The program earned a 2020 Top Innovator award from the Urban Libraries Council.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Library has received an additional eight million dollars from the Emergency Connectivity Fund to distribute 20,000 free laptops to help bridge the digital divide.

Any adult who resides in Mecklenburg County can apply for a laptop in mid-December when the waitlist opens.

Apply online at mecktech.org and find more details. There are 13 laptop distribution days planned in 2022, the Char-Meck Library is looking for partner sites willing to host laptop distribution events. Sites should have a large parking lot and a restroom for staff and volunteers. Find out more at MeckTech.org or CMLibrary.org.

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